Online teaching has become an important and known paradigm in the academic standards of today, since like this universities and college can offer degrees and study projects using this method, allowing users from many countries to attend them.

Now, there is also a type of online education program that has as purpose to include as many students ad it can, with humanistic approach and common knowledge feed from all of them, acting the teacher as facilitator and provider of tools; we are talking about MOOC as acronym for Massive Open Online Courses, as an approach that has been taken greatly by master in business programs.

Features of MOOC courses and relation to master of business degrees

MOOC programs are online teaching projects developed under the supervision of colleges, universities and communities, in order to share knowledge and resources with a different approach in comparison to the traditional academic point of view, regarding directly to profit, elitism and exclusion.

So, the purpose of MOOC teaching platforms is to receive as many students as they can, sharing resources between all students and also professors, with an humanistic function of collaboration. Also, this type of massive courses look for to be free as possible as it can be, with open source ins terms of used software, in order to transform the academic space into a more inclusive and easier field to attend.

With these characteristics, master in business programs and MOOC have been combined to become a powerful learning project, mixing the features between the two to obtain a more open learning platform by taking good things about two worlds.

In fact, many known and prestigious colleges have started to combine their MBA programs with MOOC platforms to offer the ultimate study course, which at the end is only meant to look for the best regarding the education and providing of resources for students and future professionals.