Due to the extensive offer of master in business and administration programs, future applicants use online tools to check and verify the quality of different programs available in business schools around the world, being rankings published on internet and magazines one of the best instruments, since like this students can know which are the best MBA degrees at present time.

Nevertheless, creating such MBA rankings in terms of quality requires a demanding process of evaluation and revision that often can take up to one year, being carried out by specialized magazines and researchers experts in the field of academic business, as well as pedagogical and educational platforms that must be part of relevant business schools and their programs offered.

How MBA rankings are made for academic consultation

In order to create a trustable and reliable MBA rankings, the people involved on creating them have to consider four main parameters to be fulfilled by business schools and their master in business programs, and depending on how these aspects turn to be completed such faculties are placed on their earned top of the list, being first the one achieving quality parameters better.

First of all, student’s engagement in terms of their participation and interconnection with the learning and teaching process and general acting is the parameter number one, as a relevant academic combination for the success of the MBA degree.

In second place there is the admission selectivity, as aptitudes and skills students must have to enter in the programs, along with previous knowledge and academic profile to have and to be accomplished after the MBA.

Lastly, the two other aspects of quality to be taken into account to create MBA rankings are faculty credentials in terms of teachers┬┤ certifications and capacities, as well as students┬┤ services and the technological and communication platforms they use to accomplish the program, due to the online approach of the master in business programs.