In the academic field of economy MBA or master in business and administration programs are of the most relevant and requested degrees, preparing professional undergraduate and postgraduate students in specific matters of business for important positions in companies and enterprises.

Now, MBA degrees are offered in plenty of universities and business schools around the world, but only a few of them can achieve a significant and unique certification related to master in business, which can guarantee excellence in the education field by involving a lot of parameters to be overcome; we are talking about the AACSB accreditation.

Purpose and characteristics of the AACSB certification for MBA programs

In details, AACSB corresponds to the acronym Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business, as a certification of excellence that can be obtained by master in business programs and the business schools related, meaning that such institution has overcome an evaluation process with a demanding approach on relevant educational parameters.

In fact, only a five percent of the total business schools around the world have the ACCSB accreditation, surpassing only one thousand over thirteen thousand MBA programs available globally, giving a better idea on how demanding and hard is to obtain such certification.

For example, a five year process is required as evaluation time to review certain quality and academic parameters related, which can be fulfilled better or worse and obtain qualification influencing the final result of obtaining the AACSB accreditation or not.

To begin with, there are up to fifteen individual parameters that must be evaluated in the five year process, which at the same time are integrated in four main categories that address one matter at the time.

So, strategic management and innovation, student´s ambition and participants, learning and teaching process and professional engagement with teacher’s credentials are these main evaluation groups to check, being to mandatory to approve every one of them with excellence to obtain the AACSB certification.