Master in business and administration programs are the best option to obtain academic specialization in business and economic matters and sciences related, thanks to their postgraduate approach and online educational method that allow students from around the world to attend classes.

There are master in business programs that are considered tradition in many universities, according to their type and characteristics and being the best option in that specific related department. Taking this reality into account, we are going to address the top 10 MBA programs respecting their type and best universities to take classes from these degrees.

The best of the best regarding master in business degrees

Master in business degrees are usually seen in terms of their specific types, as features and curriculum that are focused on specific business matters and disciplines. To begin with, we have the marketing MBA as the one that addresses products and services and the way to sell them properly and obtain more market share. Regarding this master in business program, Northwestern University and Harvard Business School are top of the line.

Secondly, other MBA program that is requested by many future candidates of this degree is the finance master in business, as the one that addresses business from the mathematical point of view, giving resources to calculate and understand trends, prices and other financial aspects of companies. London Business School and Wharton School are of the best institution to attend finance MBAs.

Last but not least, we have the executive or EMBA as one of the most important for professional students, due to its approach on operative and executive functions to run companies from above. Respecting executive master in business, the best business school to attend is the University of Chicago, with a study program that results in one of the first and most traditional for executive functions.